Royal Server


Server Features

Feature-packed, yet easy to use


  • Simple setup using MSI installer
  • Standard Windows Service
  • Extensible plugin architecture
  • Access using PowerShell cmdlets
  • Application logging to Windows Event Log
  • Application logging to the file system
  • Full request/response logging
  • Performance data is logged
  • Custom performance counter for monitoring included
  • Internal log viewer
  • Automatic and manual update check
  • Proxy server for self-update support
  • Documentation included (help file)

Configuration Tool

  • Service management (stop, start, restart)
  • Health dashboard (memory and CPU usage, threads, requests total, requests / sec and uptime)
  • Dedicated worker account
  • Support for custom listener port
  • Authentication built on Windows security mechanisms
  • SSL encrypted communication (optional but highly recommended)
  • Self-signed certificate support built-in
  • Support for request/response compression
  • Creation/Modification/Deletion of Royal Server documents
  • Configuration of loaded modules
  • Logging configuration
  • Multi-language support (supported by the community)
  • Manage installed licenses

Secure Gateway

Tightly integrated SSH tunnels

Simple Configuration

  • Standards-based SSH tunnel (port forwarding)
  • Tightly integrated with Royal TS/X
  • Built-in support for RDP, VNC and Terminal-based connections
  • Enable or disable Secure Gateway with one click
  • Configure IP address and port
  • Configure the timeout or the maximum connection count
  • Force clients to use packet compression
  • Manage server certificate / fingerprint
  • A new self-signed certificate can be created with a single click
  • Manage access via Windows security
  • Only allow Royal TS/X as client
  • Block IPs after unsuccessful login attempts
  • Configure the users that are allowed to use the Secure Gatway component

Runtime management

  • Overview of all open Secure Gateway tunnels
  • Source and destination IPs and ports
  • Sent and received data traffic for each tunnel
  • Connected and Connection Time statistics
  • Ability to close a tunnel

Management Connections

Tightly integrated in Royal TS/X and our mobile clients


  • Retrieve Hyper-V instances from one or more computers
  • Start, stop, pause Hyper-V instances
  • Save state of Hyper-V instances
  • Detailed performance data is included
  • Detailed networking information is included
  • Screenshots of VMs are included
  • Works via WMI or CIM


  • Execute any PowerShell script or command line
  • Return the output as text or objects
  • Query multiple machines easily
  • Full PowerShell like console output
  • Support for PowerShell remoting via https
  • Works with input parameters


  • Enables virtual machine management for VMware ESXi and vCenter installations
  • Detailed Performance Information of the VMs is provided (Provisioned and Used Space, Used Memory, CPU data, Uptime, etc.)
  • Detailed Information is provided (Datacenter, Hostsystem, Dns, Subnetmasks, HostIPs)
  • Custom Annotations/Attributes are included
  • Screenshots of VMs are included
  • PowerOn, PowerOff, Suspend, Reset are supported
  • Information needed for directly connecting to a VM via VNC is returned
  • ShutdownGuest and RestartGuest are supported if VMware tools are installed in the Guest
  • Additional Guest information is shown (all IP addresses, datastore path, etc.)
  • A custom port can be defined to access VMware
  • VMware module works with PowerCLI version 6.5 installations and lower
  • The VMware Tools version is returned from current VMware information

Windows Services

  • Retrieve Windows Services from one or more computers
  • Start, stop and restart Windows Services
  • Change start mode (using PowerShell)

Terminal Services

  • Retrieve Terminal Service sessions from one or more computers
  • Reset Terminal Service sessions
  • Send messages to Terminal Service sessions
  • Restart server

Windows Events

  • Retrieve Windows Events from one or more computers
  • Custom WQL query support to filter events
  • Low bandwidth optimization setting
  • Get dates in UTC and local time

Windows Processes

  • Retrieve running Windows Processes from one or more computers
  • Terminate processes
  • Optionally include the process owner when retrieving processes
  • Start processes (using PowerShell)


  • More modules coming soon!
  • Contact us if you have a request.

Document Store Features

Host your Royal TS/X documents on Royal Server


  • Enable or disable the Document Store with one click
  • Create, modify metadata or delete documents from the server
  • Password-encrypt documents
  • Documents can be locked down via password and restricted via policies
  • Specify additional server-side encryption for documents (stolen files are useless)
  • Import existing Royal Documents

Manage Documents

  • Documents can be created on the server-side
  • Specify the path where the documents should be stored (no database needed)
  • Specify the number of backups Royal Server automatically keeps