Royal TSX 3.0

Major new features



  • Support for File Transfer connections (FTP, SFTP & SCP)
  • Support for VMware connections
  • Support for opening 1Password Vaults
  • Support for opening LastPass Vaults
  • Support for Royal Server Document Store
  • Support for Touch ID
  • Touch Bar support
  • Support for Favorites
  • Support for Custom Properties
  • Support for User specific document settings (Favorites, Folder expansion state)
  • Support for embedding private key files
  • Support for reconnecting to previously connected sessions when starting the application
  • Bonjour Computer browser toolbar item
  • Support for dark theme in navigation panel
  • Built-in Icon Library
  • Redesigned custom icon picker
  • Redesigned colored tabs
  • Overview is now layer-backed for improved scrolling/zooming performance
  • Support for assigning credentials to connections and other objects by drag and drop
  • Support for executing Command Tasks without Terminal
  • Support for searching inside the documents toolbar item menu
  • Selection and search text in the navigation panel is now retained in most situations
  • Support for adding new connections based on templates without context connection (hold ⌥ key when opening 'Actions' menu)
  • Support for 'Connect with Options - Connect through Gateway'
  • IPv6 support for Secure Gateway
  • Royal Server and Secure Gateway failover support
  • Web Auto Fill HTML fields are now queried using a hidden web browser which allows us to find fields that are added through JavaScript
  • Support for configuring the auto fill delay in credentials and web connections
  • Software maintenance status can now be checked and extended from 'Preferences - Licensing'
  • Support for importing Secure Gateways from Jump Desktop
  • Support for importing Screen Sharing files (.vncloc)
  • Support for importing Amazon EC2 private hostnames/IP addresses
  • Support for importing AWS EC2 IP addresses instead of hostnames
  • Support for launching Ad Hoc connections based on Screen Sharing files (.vncloc)
  • Support for launching Ad Hoc connections based on Web Internet Location files (.webloc)
  • Support for navigating up parent folders in folder dashboard
  • Support for new menu item 'File - Save All Documents' as alternate to 'File - Save Document' (⌥⌘S)
  • Support for clearing SSH host keys of Secure Gateway objects
  • Honorable mention: We've dropped support for the venerable macOS 10.7 Lion and macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion to focus on providing a better experience on 'modern' operating systems - In other words, Royal TSX 3.0 requires at least macOS 10.10 Yosemite

New Connection Plugins

  • File Transfer - Browse and transfer files using FTP, SFTP and SCP.
  • VMware - View and manage VMware instances.

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on FreeRDP)

  • Support for automatic DPI scaling in HiDPI/Retina sessions
  • Support for zooming in and out of HiDPI/Retina sessions
  • Support for horizontal scrolling
  • Support for Hyper-V connections is finally back
  • New layer-based hardware accelerated rendering mode for faster rendering and less power consumption
  • Support for redirecting microphones
  • Improved support for Smart Card redirection (Experimental)
  • Support for TextExpander, TypeIt4Me and similar software
  • Support for sending special keys through 'Tab' menu
  • Automatically retry connection with/without NLA
  • Support for additional keyboard layouts (US-Dvorak, US-International)


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port (based on iTerm2)

  • Updated iTerm2 to version 3.0
  • Support for iTerm2 Triggers
  • Support for Cursor Guides
  • Support for Timestamps in Sessions
  • Support for Annotations in Sessions
  • Support for Advanced Paste
  • Support for iTerm2 3.0 Shell Integration Features
  • Support for selecting output of last command
  • Support for selecting current command
  • Support for several other iTerm2 3.0 features
  • Support for embedded private key files
  • Support for specifying SSH remote command
  • Completely redesigned and improved automatic logon
  • Support for automatically filling private key passphrase on macOS Sierra 10.12 and higher
  • New setting to enable running inside a login shell
  • Imported color presets are now saved for later use
  • Improved automatic logon support
  • Support for exporting log files as plain text
  • Support for sending ASCII key code when the connection is idle
  • Support for Parity and Stop Bits settings for Serial Port Connections
  • Support for discovering Telnet hosts via Bonjour

VNC & Apple Remote Desktop

based on Apple Screen Sharing

  • Support for sharing the remote screen when multiple user are logged in without requiring to request permissions