The Royal Applications Team

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Developing Royal TS for Windows
for more than 10 years now.

code4ward.net e.U. - Stefan Koell
VAT ID: ATU48988403

Schwalbengasse 18A
2514 Traiskirchen, Austria

www.code4ward.net | info@code4ward.net

Lemon Mojo

Lemon Mojo

Original author of mRemote
brought Royal TSX to macOS.

Felix Deimel e.U. - Lemon Mojo
VAT ID: ATU66172848

Grimmgasse 39/3
1150 Vienna, Austria

www.lemonmojo.com | office@lemonmojo.com

Michael Seirer

Michael Seirer

Joined to help with Royal TS -
now responsible for Royal Server.

Michael Seirer e.U.
VAT ID: ATU66965457

Reithofferplatz 12/17
1150 Vienna, Austria

www.seirer.net | michael@seirer.net

Michael Rumpler

Michael Rumpler

Joined the team to take over
development of our mobile apps.

Michael Rumpler e.U.
VAT ID: ATU55244603

Trauttmansdorffstrasse 15
2544 Siebenhaus / Leobersdorf, Austria