Royal TS 4.0

Major new features



  • Support for VMware connections
  • Support for File Transfer (FTP, SFTP and SCP) connections
  • Support for opening LastPass Vaults
  • Support for Royal Server Document Store
  • Support for reconnecting to previously connected sessions when starting the application
  • Support for Favorites
  • Built-in Icon Library
  • Support for Custom Properties
  • Support for User specific document settings (Favorites, Folder expansion state)
  • Support for embedding private key files
  • New Command-Line Options
  • URI Scheme Support
  • Royal Server and Secure Gateway failover support.
  • IPv6 support for Secure Gateway
  • Option to automatically save documents after using the Properties dialog
  • Support for clearing SSH host keys of Secure Gateway objects
  • Deep keyboard hook support for PuTTY and other external applications.
  • Auto fill improvements and delay setting for web page connections.
  • Option to disable tab drag to external window in the Behavior settings
  • The update notification dialog now also offers to download the zip file
  • Software maintenance status can now be checked and extended from within the application
  • Honorable mention: Royal TS V4 and later will require .NET Framework 4.6.1

New Connection Plugins

  • VMware - View and manage VMware instances.
  • File Transfer - Browse and transfer files using FTP, SFTP and SCP.

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on Microsoft RDP ActiveX)

  • Session takeover warning in the Advanced settings
  • Hardware acceleration property in the Performance settings
  • Plugin setting to enable/disable '.' as domain for local accounts


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port (based on Rebex)

  • Command to clear screen and history
  • Option to enable or disable scrollback reset on display activity

Web Page

HTTP/HTTPS (based on Google Chrome)

  • Dedicated engine per connection for isolation
  • Control over Javascript, Security and Proxy settings per connection
  • Support for Secure Gateway (SSH Tunnel) as Socks proxy

External Applications

  • Secure Gateway support.