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Royal Revolution

Transmitting screen content, mouse and keyboard data to read Windows Events or restart a service? This is so 2014!

Royal Server provides common remote management tasks to our Royal TS/X cross-platform clients on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.

Windows EventsWindows EventsWindows ProcessesWindows ProcessesWindows ServicesWindows Services

Terminal ServicesTerminal ServicesHyper-VHyper-V

Made for Royal TSMade for Royal TS

Royal TSX 2.0 is taking remote management on OS X to a whole new level. Efficiently and easily manage remote systems like never before.

Unmatched feature set and flexibility. Dashboards, Bulk-Operations and full integration with Royal Server are just a few of the features you'll love.

Remote DesktopRemote DesktopSSH/TelnetSSH/TelnetVNCVNCWebWeb

Full Royal Server SupportFull Royal Server support

Royal TS is the perfect tool for system engineers and IT focused information workers who often need access to remote systems with different protocols.

Optimize your workflow and increase your productivity with our flexible user interface and powerful team collaboration features.

Remote DesktopRemote DesktopSSH/TelnetSSH/TelnetVNCVNCWebWeb

Performance ViewPerformance ViewExternal ApplicationsExternal Applications

Full Royal Server SupportFull Royal Server support

but wait...

there’s more!

Use your Royal TS/X credentials with Firefox or Chrome.
Automatically fill web login forms in your browser using the Auto Fill feature.

Manage your UserVoice support tickets anytime, anywhere!
Royal Tickets is a full featured UserVoice client for iPhone and iPad.