Royal TSi

Remote Management On-The-Go



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  • Access Royal TS Documents
  • Start Remote Connections
  • Access your Credentials
Access Royal TS Documents on iOS

Access Royal TS Documents on iOS

for iPhone and iPad

All your connections, mobilized

Royal TSi is a free companion app which provides access to Royal TS documents. All documents you created with Royal TS (for Windows) or Royal TSX (for OS X) can be opened and viewed with this app.

Easy document browsing

To open and browse your Royal TS documents, ensure that your device has access to the files. Any app that provides an "Open in..." menu, like Dropbox can be used to open documents. You can even open documents from your email attachments.

Override settings

Some supported connection types can be tweaked and optimized for your mobile device. Remote desktop connections, for example, can be configured to always use a lower color depth or screen resolution to save bandwidth.

Establish connections

Royal TSi provides a connect button for supported connection types. Web page connections open the configured web address in the browser, Remote Desktop connections can connect through 3rd party apps which support .rdp files.


Using the same config files on the desktop and mobile devices saves me a lot of time thanks for bringing RoyalTS to the iOS.

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