Royal TSX 4.0

Royal TSX 4.0

Public beta now available

Royal TSX 4.0 will be the next major release and is now available as public beta.
For information about the major new features in this release, please see the dedicated section below.

Because Royal TSX 4.0 will be a major upgrade it will require a new license key once the stable release is out. Customers with active software maintenance receive a free upgrade key. During the beta phase you can continue using your Royal TSX V3 key.

Please note that Royal TSX 4.0 requires at least macOS 10.12 Sierra!

To prevent potential data loss, please always backup your documents, preferences and settings before installing beta releases!

Major new features

More features will be added during the beta-phase



  • Support for splitting tabs
  • Support for "Immersive" Dark Theme
  • Support for Dynamic Folder objects
  • Support for Dynamic Credential objects
  • Support for Remote Desktop Gateway objects
  • Bulk-edit support for objects of different types
  • New icon library: "VMware Clarity"
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks
  • Support for new setting "Keep remotely disconnected tabs open"
  • Support for automatically saving documents after using the properties dialog
  • Support for resizing the properties dialog
  • Option to configure the window title
  • Support for using Remote Desktop Gateway objects via "Connect with Options - Connect through Gateway"
  • Support for Secure Gateway SSH Authentication Requests (i.e. Multi-Factor-Authentication)
  • Fingerprint verification for Royal Server hosts
  • Fingerprints of Royal Servers and Secure Gateways are now displayed in their respective property pages and can be cleared from there
  • Lots of improvements to the tabbing system
  • Many small tweaks to the notification system
  • New Expand/Collapse All toolbar item
  • The expansion state of documents is now honored when loading documents
  • Support for reloading documents
  • Support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (NSTP, Brainpool and Curve25519) when embedding private keys and for file transfer connections
  • Support for importing private key files embedded in 1Password vaults when named properly (id_rsa, id_dsa, id_ecdsa, id_ed25519, .pem or .ppk)
  • CSV import support for Secure Gateways and Remote Desktop Gateways
  • Web connections can now be used in Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • Support for parsing Hyper-V instance connection info in .rdp files
  • Restorable connections are now updated when connecting/disconnecting, not only when closing the application
  • Auto-start-documents are now updated when opening/closing, not only when closing the application
  • Command Tasks executed in Terminal.app won't create an extra window if Terminal.app wasn't running before starting the task
  • Support for custom icons in Royal Passwords browser extensions
  • Improved Royal Passwords browser extensions security
  • Royal Passwords browser extensions now needs to be "paired" to the application
  • Support for KeePass field references
  • Support for LastPass vaults hosted on the lastpass.eu domain
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave Beta compatibility
  • Requires at least macOS 10.12 Sierra

Remote Desktop

RDP (based on FreeRDP)

  • Support for Metal rendering engine
  • Support for Remote Desktop Gateway objects
  • Support for HTTP and SOCKS proxies
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks
  • RDP8 and RDP10 graphics pipeline support
  • H.264/AVC 4:4:4 codec support
  • Improved audio redirection support
  • OpenGL rendering engines now work in non-hardware-accelerated environments, like VMs
  • The client hostname that is sent to remote sessions is now based on the value configured in "System Preferences - Sharing - Computer Name"
  • Support for Hyper-V instance connections via Secure Gateway


SSH/Telnet/Serial Port (based on iTerm2)

  • Updated to iTerm2 3.1.4
  • Support for configuring Key Mappings on a per-connection basis
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks
  • Support for allowing terminal to set the tab title
  • Support for configuring trusted X11 forwarding mode
  • Support for enabling SSH compression

VNC & Apple Remote Desktop

based on Apple Screen Sharing

  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks


based on Chicken

  • Support for Scaling
  • Support for Secure Gateway
  • Support for automatic clipboard synchronization
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks

File Transfer

  • Quick Look Support
  • Selection is now maintained in most cases
  • Keyboard shortcuts for "Refresh", "Delete"/"Move to Trash" and "Get Info"
  • New context menu items "Reveal in Finder" and "Quick Look"
  • Support for overwriting or skipping all files of a transfer
  • Support for selecting the application to open files with
  • New plugin setting "Keep folders on top when sorting by name"
  • Support for specifying SFTP custom command
  • Folders are not kept at top by default anymore


  • Support for launching RDP, VNC or SSH ad hoc connections to instances


HTTP/HTTPS (based on WebKit)

  • New Navigation Toolbar
  • Built-in support for downloads
  • Direct Execution Mode support for Key Sequence Tasks